How to Style Shelves


I’ve been struggling with deciding on what to put in this blank space of wall between my fireplace and the connecting living room for the past year that we’ve lived here! I decided on shelves since the rest of my decor is pretty minimal and I had some fun pieces that I needed a surface for! When I found this shelf I knew it was a winner because it matched our floors perfectly. Here are a few tips for styling your own shelves at home!

Mix Old & New

Mixing both old and new, vintage and modern, creates more interest and more of a unique look! Anyone can go to Target and buy a whole cart full of cute decor items (been there), but collecting unique pieces over time is what will really make your decor stand out!

Use Plants

I mean, when are plants a bad idea?! Well actually if your shelves don’t get good natural light I wouldn’t recommend them, but if you can, try using plants of varying sizes and kinds to add texture!

Alternate Points of Visual Interest

For example, I would never out two larger plants side by side or one on top of the other, I placed one on the top left and one on the top right to add visual balance. Same with the books. I placed them standing up on their side and also laying flat to change it up a little bit!

Things I Used

Just to give you some ideas of what you could put on your shelves, I used 8 books, 2 large plants, 2 small plants, 2 handmade ceramic vases with dried flowers, a candle, an incense holder, a cute matchbook, a small framed print, a small mirror, vintage brass bookends.

how to style shelves

You can find this shelf from urban outfitters here!