How to Style Shelves

I’ve been struggling with deciding on what to put in this blank space of wall between my fireplace and the connecting living room. I decided on shelves since the rest of my decor is pretty minimal… Here are a few tips for styling your own shelves at home!

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4 Ways To Find Cool Airbnbs

Airbnbs are my best friend on work trips. I often find that they are less expensive, and you can get more space and amenities than staying at a hotel. I always get asked, “Ellie, how do you always find such cool Airbnbs?! So below i’m sharing with you my process for choosing airbnbs far and wide!

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Palm Springs • Travel Guide

You all know I love midcentury modern everything, so one of the biggest reasons I love Palm Springs so much is because you can pretty much drive down any given street and immerse yourself in mid-mod design. Here’s a little travel guide of my ultimate favorite spots in Palm Springs.

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Monterey Peninsula • Travel Guide

The Monterey Peninsula is comprised of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel. It is by far one of my favorite slices of the CA coast. Being only a little over 2 hours from our home in Fresno, it’s totally worth the little jaunt over and I find myself visiting for day trips, engagement sessions, and weekend getaways all the time. So much so that I really consider it my second home.

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Friendsgiving 2018

Our first Friendsgiving at our new home was a success! It’s been 4 years annually now to have Friendsgiving with the same group of our closest friends that we do life with throughout the year. The design lover in me always has a little bit too much fun decorating the table, and this year has to be one of my favorites for sure!

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