Alora & Aaron • Intimate Session

Late last summer, Alora, Aaron and I all set out to Joshua Tree for the first time. Aaron and Alora booked an adorable Airbnb, Cactus Mountain, to take some intimate portraits in together. These kind of sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorites. Yes, they are raw and a little vulnerable, but all the more beautiful. I asked Alora to write a little something about her experience. Here is what she said..

 "When Aaron and I asked Ellie to take intimate photos of us we wanted something to look back on for years to come. Ellie did a masterful job of articulating our vision. We're not a cool couple, we're two odd balls on opposite sides of the spectrum who fight at love each day. Aaron knows not only every curve of my body, but every flaw in my character and yet he chooses me each day. 

In daily choosing we move forward. In knowing each other deeply we are rooted. 

We've now been together for seven years and realize we've only begun to scratch the surface of what sacrificial love means. As life stretches and compresses each vow we find our true substance and fall back on the good seeds we've sown."