Andrew & Allegra - Engaged

This engagement shoot means A LOT to me! Andrew has been my friend since kindergarten. We've gone through every stage of life together, from each other's houses, to graduating from the same high school, to now both getting married within a month of each other! I am SO excited for him and Allegra! It brings me SO much joy to see how in love the two are! They met at Forest Home, a Christian camp in Southern California, so we decided to do some of their engagement photos on top of the water towers where they first held hands! We also adventured to downtown LA and Redlands on our way there. My fiance Spenser got to come along and help out too! It was a blast hanging out and double dating with Allegra and Andrew all day long, taking photos and spending the whole day together can hardly be considered work! I loved having Spenser there to help me set up shots and shoot along side me using a 35mm film camera! It was all around a great day, and I think the photos convey that pretty accurately! :)


Jeff Halsey2 Comments