February Love - Peerless Building - Fresno, CA

Good things happen when you get a bunch of your favorite people together for a creative shoot (evidence below.) I had the idea to create some new content for my website brand refresh, but since I love these so much, there’s no way I can wait until my new website is done! I approached Natalie from Jade Magnolia with my concept and she helped me style it to perfection! I knew I wanted to keep it modern, but with touches of 70’s inspo. It was crazy how perfectly everything came together! I guess that’s what happens when you get the Valley’s best on your team!

This shoot was everything I love about being a photographer. Creative collaboration with my favorite vendors who are much more like friends than anything, watching a concept come to life because everyone is so dang individually talented that things came together so flawlessly, eating leftover charcuterie (duh), and an overall satisfaction in my work which is sometimes hard to come by in a comparison ridden world such as Instagram. I hope if you’re a photographer this post doesn’t cause you to compare yourself (what good does that do anyways?!), but to be encouraged to create something that showcases your true creative vision and talent. It feel so good when it’s from the heart. Thanks SO much again to everyone who was involved. No words can say it enough, eternally grateful for you all.