Heidi and Julian - Married - Historic Seven Sycamores - Ivanhoe, California

Press play above to listen and scroll at the same time for a multi sensory aesthetic experience! :) 

Heidi and Julian met doing the Joshua Wilderness Institute at Hume Lake (I did the same program 3 years before them). Anyone that knows anything about JWI knows that Joshua couples who actually get married after spending 9 months in a discipleship program where you aren’t allowed to date, are few and far between, but when it happens, it’s glorious! 

I instantly clicked with Heidi and Julian as we shared stories from our experiences in Joshua while driving along highway 1 taking their engagement photos by the sea in Carmel at Point Lobos. 

Their wedding was so heartfelt and focused on the things that really mattered. I cried more times than I’m proud of because of all the love that was shared on their big day!

I can't wait for my next excuse to hang out with Heidi and Julian Rios!