Tessa & Kaleb - Engaged

No matter how much I love light and airy photos and the pretiness involved, I can't help but deny some good dark and moody vibes when the time is right. Some shoots just call for that, and Tessa and Kaleb's was no exception! I don't think it's neccesary to prescribe to one particular "style." My style is MY style, light and airy, or dark and moody, whatever I feel the particular subject I'm photographing inspires me to create. 

Tessa and Kaleb are cool for a lot of reasons. To name a few... It was there idea to get tattoos (of each other's intials!) during their engagement sesh! Kaleb rides a pretty awesome motorcycle and Tessa loves riding along with him! They are eloping in Ireland in January instead of waiting through a torturously long engagement to plan a wedding here. They are also practically our neighbors so it's been decided that we are destined to be friends! Not only are they cool, but they are genuinely sweet and amazing people who love God more than anything. It shows in their relationship and is so inspiring! Here are a few photos from their engagement session in Fresno, CA!