Lou & Grey

Recently I got an exciting email from Lou & Grey asking if I'd be interested in styling and photographing a few of their fall pieces! I've been a big fan of L&G for a while so of course I said yes! If you are like me, I value comfort over style any day, but I still like to look good. In my opinion that's what Lou & Grey helps girls like me achieve. I love any and every cozy thing, especially those that come with fall and cooler weather (ie: snuggling with my dog Scout, hot coffee, soft blankets, warm sweaters, overcast skies). I tried to translate those things in a modern way that is cohesive with their brand, below are a few frames that are the result of that. Thanks to my lovely friend Alora for modeling some of the outfits for me, and even taking reign of the camera for a few shots I wanted to be in. :)