Tim & Bethany - Married

Being a part of Tim and Bethany's wedding was so incredibly special to me! I spent 9 months living at Hume Lake doing the Joshua program with Tim and the following summer Bethany and I became inseperable as we worked on summer staff at Hume together and lived in the same dorm. I even give myself 100% credit for introducing the two and setting them up (I think Tim gives me like 62% credit or something though). I knew they'd fall for each other because they are both free spirited, fun, God (and Disney) loving people, and I was right. :) Photographing the day they committed their lives to each other was such an awesome experience to be a part of! I love both Tim and Bethany's families, spending the day alongside them was a treat. The reception was probably one of the most fun I have ever been to! There was a lot of dessert, Joshua friends, unique sodas, laughs, tears, broken bench swings, and a whole lot of love. I wish Tim and Bethany the absolute best and I know God is going to do some great things through their marriage!