Kim and Nick - Engaged at the Vineyard

I love how Nick and Kim have chosen engagement shoot locations that are unique to them and what they love! I always enjoy it when a couple has their own ideas for a location, be it a place they had their first date, somewhere sentimental, or  just where they spend most of their days! For Nick, harvest is just around the corner and it was the perfect time of year to take some photos out at his vineyard! The golden light was ridiculously beautiful shining on the two lovebirds. Their dog Posey also got to come along! Even though they named him Posey after a San Francisco Giants player, his name has a double meaning cause he is really good at posing for the camera! We had fun using some of Kim's vintage rental furniture and props. She's going to let me use some stuff for my own wedding in October! Hope you enjoy this last installment of Kim and Nick's engagement photos!