Bob & Terri's wedding at Mullins Studio

For Bob and Terri, we had the opportunity to not only photograph their wedding, but we got to host it as well! They chose to have their ceremony and reception inside our studio. We cleared everything out and transformed it into a beautiful wedding venue in no time! The couple have a fun story, Bob's daughter Alyse and Terri's daughter Cydney grew up being best friends in high school, they were literally inseperable. Long story short, now they are real sisters! Cydney and Alyse deserve some credit for setting Bob and Terri up. When they realized they were in love, they knew that God had destined for them to be together. They are both such amazing people. Bob has been a family friend of ours for many years. He is one of those people who you are just drawn to. He has lived in Australia for the past few years, but came out to California to have his wedding with all his close family and friends from Fresno. Everything about the wedding was beautiful, from the vows, to the decorations, to the couple. It was a lovely evening at Mullins Studio.