O'Neal and Ryan - Married - Port Antonio, Jamaica

Where do I even begin?! Being a part of Ryan and O’Neal’s destination wedding in Jamaica and capturing their love was just such an honor. It was definitely the first time i’ve gotten to wear a swimsuit to shoot a wedding reception! Checkin that off the list! Ryan and O’Neal and all their friends and family made us feel like such a welcomed addition to the festivities, the lines between vacation and work have never been more one in the same. Preserving these memories for Ryan and O’Neal and their families truly did not even feel like work one little bit. Here’s a little bit from O’Neal about the story behind the two and why they chose Jamaica!

Ryan and I met in Seattle when I was visiting a girlfriend for her big day, who happened to be marrying one of Ryan’s best friends. We met briefly the night before the wedding and that’s all it took! It sounds so cheesy but I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met Ryan. We hit it off at the wedding and were inseparable for the rest of my trip in Seattle. We did the long distant thing for about 8 months until we couldn’t stand it any longer and I finally moved to Seattle to continue our love story!

Our entire wedding weekend was a dream! I would say our favorite part was just being surrounded and loved by 30 of our favorite people, on our own private beach, in our favorite place in the world, Port Antonio, Jamaica. We also love that we were able to give friends and family an experience and adventure they’ll never forget.

I always knew I wanted to have a destination wedding. I hate the idea of all the planning (and money) that goes into a wedding, for it  to all come and go in just a few hours.. we all got to spend quality time with one another. people who had never met truly got to get to know each other and I think everyone got to be present and live in the moment. We were on true island time! 

Port Antonio holds such a special place in our hearts! We fell in love with that part of the island on our first trip there, originally inspired by Anthony Bourdain. We prefer going off the grid a bit when it comes to traveling, exploring new places that are the purest and most authentic representation of the country. Port Antonio is just that to Jamaica! Ryan also had planned on proposing on that trip but the ring didn’t come on time. He loves telling the story how that trip confirmed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me- he says that he was impressed with how I handled every moment of the trip-from the stressful drive from the airport to other situations that most might think of as pretty sketchy.


Second Shooter - @kelseykellerphotography

Venue- @frenchmans_cove

Wedding planning/decor- @bymelaniemiller

Flowers- @danamoniquegouveia

Rings- @annasheffield 

Dresses- @daughtersofsimone and @stone_cold_fox

Swimsuit- @inamoratawoman